Business Opportunities w/ Lean Six Sigma

Xerox Corporation (NYSE: XRX) will manage global print operations at Ingersoll Rand, saving the diversified industrial firm millions by better managing company-wide print spend.

Using a Lean Six Sigma-based approach, Xerox will design a print environment with the appropriate number of output devices, like printers, fax machines, copiers and scanners, to help employees work more efficiently. Ingersoll Rand employees will have help adapting to more efficient technology and work processes through Xerox’s change management training and support programs.

Result: The nine-year Enterprise Print Services (EPS) contract brings multiple output devices, print budgets and vendor support systems under Xerox management.

Taking Managed Print Services to the Bank: Xerox to Manage Print Operations for Huntington

Using Lean Six Sigma-based methodology, Huntington and Xerox evaluated bank employees’ daily work habits and designed a print environment that helps them work more efficiently. Xerox’s pre-emptive servicing of equipment will help employees stay productive throughout the day.

Result: The five-year Enterprise Print Services (EPS) contract will bring multiple print budgets and output devices, like printers, copiers and fax machines under Xerox management.

Xerox Lean Document Production Service Puts Print Providers in Control; Reduces Production Costs by 20-40 Percent

What is Xerox doing? They are extending their services to win major contracts through the use of Lean Six Sigma. They have taken what most consider “inside practices” and extended it to their customer. I think many times we forget to maximize all of our opportunities. After reading these press releases, I thought what am I doing in my own business that might have value for others? Actually, my first thought went to an old product development practice that is still pinned up on my wall, SCAMPER:

What can you Substitute?
What can you Combine?
What can you Adapt?
What can you Modify or Magnify?
Can you Put to other uses?
What can you Eliminate or reduce?
What can you Reverse/Rearrange?

I always added one more…Leave it sit for a day. Sleeping on it has value! Using a concept like SCAMPER can really open your eyes to a few different practices.

clown w Pad Consider things that you do well internally and how they may provide additional value to your customer. I think we forget sometimes how embedded the culture of our company is. It starts at our front door and does not stop at shipping or as the product leaves the building. You will find that culture is identified in your product and as a result extended into your customer’s place of business. Your internally practices may not be as internal as you may think. Getting your engineers and operational people into your customers place of business or in Lean terms going to Gemba could provide some very interesting conversations and as a result opportunities.

Xerox has made a major commitment to using Lean Six Sigma tools and methodology – both to drive improvements in their own business and to deliver measurable results for customers. What internal practices do you have in place that may apply to your customer? The funny thing is that you won’t find which internal practices will work unless you go external. Go visit a customer today!

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