Dr. Jeffrey Liker discusses PDCA

This is a transcription of the Business901 podcast, Dr. Jeff Liker on PDCA and Lean Culture. Dr. Jeff Liker celebrated author and authority on Toyota and the Toyota Production System was my guest on the Business901 podcast and we discussed his upcoming book, The Toyota Way to Continuous Improvement (Book release date is May 13th, I have pre-ordered mine).

Dr. Liker discusses PDCA

Professor Liker is the author of The Toyota Way Fieldbook which is one my favorite and most quoted books. His most recent work, Toyota Under Fire a 2011 Shingo Prize Winner, takes you beyond the headlines and into the offices and factories of Toyota to reveal the truth behind the company’s highly publicized and controversial recall of over 10 million vehicles.

Professor Liker’s Company Website: Optiprise

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