Engaging Front-Line Staff with Kaizen

Joe Swartz and Mark Graban co-authors of Healthcare Kaizen: Engaging Front-Line Staff in Sustainable Continuous Improvements were my guests on the Business901podcast. You can read an excerpt from the podcast, Engaging People in Healthcare with Kaizen. The book focuses on the methods of daily continuous improvement, or “Kaizen,” for healthcare professionals and organizations.

I would encourage others outside of the Healthcare field to listen to the podcast. We discussed many of the problems found by all of us in the implementation of continuous improvement programs and a few particular to the healthcare field.  However, as more flex time is built into the workplace the issues of multiple shifts and extended time off, for example, will not just be issues that are wrestled with by Healthcare professionals.

Healthcare Kaizen

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Joseph E. Swartz has been leading continuous improvement efforts for 18 years, including 7 years in healthcare, and has led more than 200 Lean and Six Sigma improvement projects. He is currently the Director of Business Transformation for Franciscan St. Francis Health in Indianapolis, IN.

Mark Graban is the author of Lean Hospitals and has worked as a consultant and coach to healthcare organizations throughout the world. He serves as a faculty member at the Lean Enterprise Institute and is also the Chief Improvement Officer for KaiNexus, a startup software company that helps healthcare organizations manage continuous improvement efforts. Mark writes the immensely popular Lean Blog, which has not only a focus on Healthcare but touches upon all things Lean.

Amazon will be getting the book any day now. If you can’t just wait and want to see the book moving your direction. Books are shipping direct from CRCpress.com already (use code FVL18 for 30% off).

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