Have you listed all your delivery processes? What did you learn?

Developing a Marketing hour glass for a client, I was using my Systems2win Family Matrix Chart(it’s a plug). The chart is not that unique in that it has you list your product services down one side and then across the top it has you list your delivery processes. The uniqueness of the template is a few other tricks it has as part of the package. However I want to address your delivery processes. BTW, this template is a great way to start your journey in creating a Value Stream Mapping process. ducks.jpg

What this template forced me to do with this customer, is to identify first his product groups or services and then his marketing delivery processes. Listing all the delivery processes across the top identifies the foundation in the Lean Marketing house as I placed an “X” in the box. It is good to identify your marketing processes, it helps you with budgeting, but it really is the first step in moving from just a simple marketing calendar to a marketing system.

Building this process allows you to discover:

1. Each Medium you are using for your marketing.

2. The overlap of the marketing message of your different products.

3. The uniqueness of several of your processes.

4. What items happen with the most frequency, the least.

5. The time it takes for the process.

6. Where a constraint may be on a resource!

However, after really reviewing the document for a while it was blatantly obvious, which of these processes were important and were not to the customer. HOW MUCH TIME WERE WE SPENDING ON THE WERE NOTS?

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