Improving Human-Centered Design: Achieving Resonance

My podcast, An Inquiry into the Meaning of Making this week was with Seung Chan Lim, nicknamed Slim. We discussed his journey and finally his project, Realizing Empathy. Realizing Empathy is a project that asks what it means to make something, how it works as a process, and why it matters to our lives. Slim believe that making is a process that is shared across cultures and disciplines.

Slim’s Overview: Human-Centered Design is good, but it can be better. Design isn’t just about fulfilling people’s needs, it’s also about helping each other get to the heart of who we are as human beings. To do that, design needs to strive for a clear and coherent expression of honesty, of integrity, of dignity in all dimensions. It’s time we look at the entire design process as a multi-dimensional conversation. whose goal is to empathize with all the participants in the process, to achieve a sense of profound resonance.

You can help him launch his project by pledging at

If you find what Slim says intriguing, please take a look at his websites;

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