Interview with Author of the Lean Blog, Mark Graban

A few months ago, I did a Podcast with Mark Graban, Senior Fellow at the Lean Enterprise Institute. I enjoyed talking to Mark and at the end of the Podcast; we went off the subject matter and started a discussion on social media. The tape was running and we recorded some additional thoughts on social media.  I respect Mark’s work a great deal. He has created a very loyal following, not only on his blog but also on Twitter. I encourage others to follow and watch how he engages his audience. If you would like to follow Mark, he can be found at or on Twitter: @leanblog.mark_graban_2008

I have to admit that I must be a great judge of talent or maybe this podcast pushed Mark over the edge of the other competitors. Ha! Mark won the prestigious iSixSigma  2009 MVP Awards for Best Continuous Process Improvement Tweeter at the iSixSigma Live Conference this year. This podcast was taped in July, 2009 but the information is still solid and even more relevant today.  Listen to Mark’s thoughts on Blogging and Tweeting as he surpasses 2,000 “Engaged” followers, this month. 

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Mark is also the author of Lean Hospitals: Improving Quality, Patient Safety, and Employee Satisfaction

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