Is a Collaboration between Marketing and Human Resources needed?

Is your growth being limited by people development?

The past 6 months I have been involved in the domain of Human Resources working with companies in both the SaaS environment and Event Management fields. Before this most of my area in people development had centered on the onboarding aspect. These areas show strikingly a bit of similarity to my work in service design and marketing.

Many of these companies are looking at Lean as a way to engage and empower their workforce. Admittedly it is not all about developing people; it is as also about keeping and acquiring people. This is a resounding theme from all HR people.

In the SaaS world, we look at what I might call the 5Rs of Growth: Re-sell, Retain, Re-Gain, Renew, and Refer. We develop our programs around these themes. These themes were one of the main tenants of the original development of my program the Funnel Of Opportunity. Always working from the known to the unknown.

What I did learn from the last 6-months is the integral part marketing should be engaging with HR to acquire and develop people and vice -versa. The idea that marketing should only be customer facing is absolutely absurd in this day and age. To acquire and maintain top talent, the idea of marketing and the ideas of Service Design should and can be applied.

Are we distributing PR on a regular basis? Are we actively engaged in Social Media? Are we prominent in our local surroundings? In industry events? What are the roles of our existing workforce, outside of HR, playing in talent acquisition? Are the 5 Rs of Growth limited just to the customer side?

Lean Talent Development

Should we have specific plans in place for all of them along with acquisition? Is your growth being limited by people development?

P.S. Let’s not forget what Marketing can learn from HR either. This collaboration will benefit both areas tremendously.

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