Is the war room Still Useful?

The war room has been around forever and of course the original use was by generals. This enabled them to visualize the field of battle The most famous, War Room was made into a 1993 American documentary film made in 1993 about Bill Clinton’s campaign for President of the United States in1992. Though still popular in the Agile Software Development where a Scrum Room and even more intimate, pair programming is still very much in vogue, However, I am finding it less and less popular in the marketing arena. Here is an upgraded War Room that I thought was pretty neat.

Now, this is a War Room!

I actually think the war room is essential in today’s marketing, even for an individual consultant. I actually have what I call a battle wall. Each of my client has their own spot or board which consist of mostly post it notes and a calendar for events. I move the post-it notes to my personal Kanban board located next to my desk on a weekly basis. I like to do many things virtually but I leave the customer drive that versus me trying to get them to try the latest and greatest product.

As we become more virtual, I think that the war room will certainly go online. At this time, ideas are still best nurtured at the coffee house, the bar, or other space that fosters collaboration. Creating that atmosphere is tough online for most. Many are still in a learning curve. There seems to be big gap in the use of technology between the geeks and the others. I am not really sure if that gap is closing or growing?

Is there online technology that can facilitate setting up a war room?