Jantsch is Experiencing Lean

Last week I wrote a blog post stating that I thought that Seth Godin was experiencing a lean transformation. I alluded to the fact that I thought John Jantsch, author of Duct Tape Marketing, was headed down the same path. After reading John’s blog post in the American Express Open Forum. I’m convinced! He said the other week he went kayaking in Coeur d’Alene. I think he went to a Lean Transformation workshop. Here is why:

John said:

1. You’ve got to deal with where you are now and plan transitions that make sense for your culture, customer, and message or you’re destined to fail..(Lean Culture)

2. Make it so simple that anyone can tell it….(Value Stream)

3. Questions, or a process of using key questions to produce answers..(VOC).

4. If you don’t hold every initiative accountable you can’t make your plan work..(Muda!)

5. Begin to spot the places that are causing friction and thereby slowing momentum..(Theory of Constraints)

6. Commit time and resources to things that are clearly counterproductive..(More Muda)

7. Commit to correcting the course..(Continuous Improvement)

8. Meet at least every six weeks to renew your..(Kaizen)

I encourage you to read his entire post. Is this Lean Marketing? His 7 steps, are equivalent too..

1. It’s not about the plan = Lean Culture

2. Deal with today’s reality = Current State Map

3. Look for the Right Answers = Voice of the Customer

4. Simplify Meaning = Value Stream Map

5. Monitor Friction = Lean Metrics

6. Take out the trash = 5S or Muda

7. Guess Again = Kaizen

So, do you think he was kayaking or do you think Seth Godin and John Jantsch snuck off and found the Marketing Gemba!

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