Kata-tize Your Next Conference Attendance

I have put together a first draft PDF developed for the upcoming Lean People Development Summit. It is in its earliest stages and my hope is for people to share and discuss it on LinkedIn with any suggestions for improvement. I take no ownership of the material, just please properly attribute the original Toyota Kata work.The download link is at the bottom of the page.

What I am looking for are two groups to go through this exercise for the upcoming summit. The requirements are:

  1. A registered participant of the Lean People Development
  2. Part of a group of 4 or more attending the group
  3. The entire group must be part of this Improvement Kata
  4. Willing to work on Trello and spend 2-hours the initial week and 1-hour thereafter.
  5. More details can be shared if interested.
  6. There is no charge for the program, it is a beta program.
  7. This is a Business901 project
  8. Understand that Lean Frontiers, the host of this event is not part of this offering

The Improvement Kata is part of Mike Rother’s work documented in the book, Toyota Kata: Managing People for Improvement, Adaptiveness and Superior Results.

I have been working with Lean Frontiers on the upcoming Lean People Development Summit. The Summit draws professionals from HR, continuous improvement, and leadership to explore how best to design job roles aimed at improvement, build problem-solving skills, define process improvement competencies, and develop leaders at all levels of the organization. This summit was formally known as the Lean HR Summit and has been offered for six years. For more information on the summit visit: http://leanpeopledevelopment.com/.

Lean People Development Kata

Direct Down Download Link PDF: Lean People Development Kata

My background on using Kata: I have developed a process of using Kata in my marketing as the basic way I become involved with clients. Unless you have developed a standard practice, marketing is not anything more than an experiment. Kata is a way of doing. A way of developing structured practice routines. We use Kata to develop our Marketing/Sales Experiments (campaigns seem like I am going to war), Digital Marketing Practices, and a host of other marketing efforts. You can learn more in the Kata section about or by joining the Lean Marketing Lab.