Powering the Brain for Peak Perfomance

According to neuropsychologist Friederike Fabritius, M.S. and global leadership and innovation consultant Hans W. Hagemann, Ph.D., the better we understand our brains and the type of environment that motivates us, the closer we’ll be to truly achieve peak performance. In THE LEADING BRAIN: Powerful Science-Based Strategies for Achieving Peak Performance, Fabritius and Hagemann offer insights into:FRIEDERIKE FABRITIUS

  • Why some people struggle in a high-stress, deadline-oriented environment while others soar
  • How your age and gender can affect your overall “performance profile”
  • Why multitasking is the enemy and how to cut through the office’s myriad distractions and sharpen your focus
  • The mental training techniques you can use to fine-tune your habits and productivity level

My guest on the podcast was FRIEDERIKE FABRITIUS, M.S., the head of the Neuroleadership Practice Group. She is a neuropsychologist who has extensive expertise working with top executives at multinational corporations, leveraging her scientific background to create actionable insights. Friederike’s website is www.fabulous-brain.com.

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