Quality Improvement – it needs to be easier than tying a knot!

Forget Six Sigma, let’s get some results. Think about the 80/20 rule. If you are going to get 80% of your results from 20% of the problem than narrow even further to 95/5 if you can. So when you institute a quality program focus on small areas that get big results. Why waste your efforts and money on anything else for right now. Picture53.jpg

If you have a quality program instituted, you are probably operating at a minimum of three-sigma, if you do not you may be operating as low as two-sigma. I believe using simple control process success and institute the Six-Sigma principles you can easily get to five-sigma with a little effort.

What does that mean to you, especially in marketing? Who is going to measure product defects? Think about these numbers:

1. Most product and services receive value  in only 5% of their delivery time.

2. 25% of a office personnel’s time is spent looking for something.

3. Every time you reduce the time require to deliver a service by 25%, you double productivity and cut costs by 20%.

Now, one more thing, the more focus you become the more you can achieve. Laser focus will get your substantial results. One problem in focusing is people will get hung up n the measurements side of the problem. Unless there are substantial savings move on to something you can measure. Creating measurements that may not be effective or true will destroy the process and the achievements you can make. So start with something that is easy and definable.

P.S. If it is not easy to do, it probably will not get done. Like tying a knot!

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