Quallaboration Podcast with Benson

The relationship between Quality and Collaboration, Quallaboration was the topic of this podcast. Jim Benson, the person behind Personal Kanban was the Business901 guest to explain the meaning of it all. Quallaboration came from a lightning talk he put on when explaining a recent case study.

Joe Dager, the Host of the podcast said, “I look at the knowledge sharing, the cross training and what you’re doing with pairing. You’re taking all the different things of collaboration, all the things that you spell out and you’re making it immediate. You’re making it something that happens in real time and you’re not doing it individually, you’re doing it with a group and that’s a huge key here, is that constant feedback really does make work continuous.

About Jim Benson: Jim incorporates his background in cognitive psychology, government, and management to build community through policy and technology. His company, Modus Cooperandi, helps organizations change through the application of Lean principles, Agile methodologies, and social media. He is also the developer of the productivity tool Personal Kanban, an adaptation of Industrial Kanban which helps individuals and small teams actualize. His book on Personal Kanban, which applies Lean thinking to daily living, will be out in Fall 2010.

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