Scribing the new Lean Storyboard?

Storyboarding is a popular way of transferring the details of a Lean or a Six Sigma project to a graphical representation. Very much like your child’s fifth grade science fair project. The purpose is to summarize your team’s efforts and let other people outside of the team understand them. In some instances, a Lean A3 Report serves the same purpose. Both are meant to be a graphical way of displaying the project. Though we are all not visual learners the majority of us find learning by stories and pictures and diagram much easier.

I always believed that storyboards (Six Sigma Storyboards) should not be a a dry report but an active document that truly makes your project come alive! What is Scribing? This You tube video by Chip Walters serves as an excellent introduction.

Scribing is compared to visual facilitation and shown to be an easier first step. This scribe created as part of a larger presentation for North Carolina State University College of Design in April 2011. The majority of this video scribe was created on the iPad.

Does scribing have a place in learning or reporting?

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