Strength-Based Marketing Framework

First Sketches of an InfoGraphic that I am developing.

Strength-Based Marketing

A few bullet points follow:

1. Using Snowden and Boone”s Cynefin Network to define our Marketing Space.

2. Action Learning is how we do everyday work. We have fulfilled Senge’s idea as Learning Organizations.

3. 5Is & Soar: How we adapt to everyday work

4. Action Research is a deeper dedicated dive (probe) into exploration.

5. Engaging Emergence – how we act to the unknown

6. Sales Leadership is the gateway between the deterministic right side and the social construct left side.

7. This is all supported by our Purpose/Core that is defined by the work we do in the 5Ds

More information in a couple of previous LinkedIn articles:

The underlying methods are all interconnected as I have talked about before. In a generic sense – horizontally they are all the same but vertically they are all different.

Connecting Appreciative Inquiry