The 12 Steps of the Funnel of Opportunity

The digital age has changed the way we deliver marketing, the way we execute. Marketing is no longer driven by the creative, it is driven by the process. Learning becomes paramount and is driven by the way you interact and structure your customer engagement. Marketing is no longer just about getting the message out. It is just as important to get the message in.

There is no better way to lay the fundamentals of a marketing plan in place than through the creation of a Funnel of Opportunity. Creating a plan in isolation from customers says that you know everything you need to know starting at the beginning. It indicates that you are smarter than the market. Marketing must evolve through our actions and tactics.

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The Funnel of Opportunity is a 12-step process working from the known to the unknown. We iterate looking first at key customers, then similar customers, and again to identify market segments. It is through this practice that we develop the necessary understanding of our customers and the markets we participate in.



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