Collaborative Skills of Thomas Edison

Midnight Lunch: The 4 Phases of Team Collaboration Success from Thomas Edison’s Lab was a book that fascinated me. Author Sarah Miller Caldicott Sarah Miller Caldicott, a descendant of Thomas Edison, innovation author and CEO of Power Patterns provides a look at how Edison’s collaboration methods can be used face-to-face and by virtual teams. Many of us struggle in building innovative teams through collaboration and were just considering one product or service. Edison’s collaborative approach propelled him to generate a record-breaking 1,093 US patents and 1,293 international patents over 62 consecutive years. A few lessons to be learned?

Inspired by a family lineage of inventors dating back five generations, she has been engaged in creativity and innovation throughout her life.  Sarah spent the first 15 years of her 25-year career as a Marketing executive with Global 500 firms including Quaker Oats and the Helene Curtis subsidiary of Unilever. As a leader of global innovation teams, Sarah was responsible for major brand launches in the US, Europe, and Asia. She co-authored the first book ever written on Edison’s innovation process, titled Innovate Like Edison: The Five-Step System for Breakthrough Business Success.

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