The Military Mindset in Business

Intrepid Professionals is designed to create more agile, innovative, and financially competitive organizations and individuals. The book’s material outlines the common thread for success in those that dared to defy the odds. Those who are considered the tip of the spear in military terms. I interviewed both authors for this podcast, their bios follow:intrepid professionals

Chris Schafer is President of Solid Operators Consulting™ and is a 25+ year U.S. Army retired veteran. He spent much of his military career in the 3rd Special Forces Operational Detachment Alpha (ODA) teams. He has advised and trained people from many different cultures and countries. And he is an expert in military special operations, intelligence analysis, command infrastructure, project planning and management, counterterrorism, and team leadership – to name a few areas.

Brent Carter is a consultant, university professor, and researcher in the fields of leadership behavioral & the brain sciences, crisis management, and organizational adaptation. He is the President of AspenRed Consulting™ which specializes in leadership transformation for Fortune 500 corporate clients, all branches of the military, and non-profit organizations.

SOLIDRed Concepts™ is redefining the way people look at leadership. Our clients are seeing remarkable improvements in team collaboration, trust, inventiveness, communication, creative thinking, and individual empowerment using our pioneering approach. Let us talk to you about the ways to re-craft leadership into an untamed force for your organization.

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