The Non-Technical Guide to Code Reviews

You don’t need to just trust your software developer.
You need to understand what and how they do what they do.

About this event: The Non-Technical Guide to Code Reviews

Part 1: Introduction to Code Reviews (March 25th)

Part 2: Be an Active Bystander in a Code Reviews (April 8th)

Part 3: A Walkthrough of a Typical Code Review (April 22nd)

Conducting a code review is beneficial in many ways. It helps identify bugs or vulnerabilities in your site’s code that you might not have known. It can also help you determine where changes are needed, design improvements, and usability issues. However, outside of your IT Department, there is little understanding of the process. This 3-part course will develop a better understanding of software improvement through review and its relation to your business process.

In the first webinar, Introduction to Code Reviews, you will go through the basic understanding of a code review and the options for types and processes used.

    1. Benefits of Code Reviews
    2. Types of Code Reviews
    3. Code Review Process
    4. Code Quality
    5. Tips for Getting the Most Out of Code Reviews

In the second webinar, A Guide to Being an Active Bystander, you will go through the steps for conducting a code review:

    1. How to identify what area of the site you are going to review
    2. How to select who is going to do the code review
    3. When and if any automation will be involved in the process
    4. How to decide what level of detail the review should cover
    5. The benefit of creating a checklist to identifies elements that need to be reviewed
    6. Decide if the reviewer(s) will be internal or external to your company

In the third webinar, A Walkthrough of a Typical Code Review. You will see how:

    1. A design team would perform a high-level retrospective code review to see if any site areas could be improved
    2. A developer identifies what changes need to be made
    3. Changes are made, and the steps taken to resolve issues

Each webinar will be scheduled for 1-hour, allowing for an interactive presentation. Immediately following, there will be an additional 30-minutes provided for demonstration or Q & A.

The cost of each session is $97. If you would like to sign up for all three sessions, you can do so at a total price of $230. You may register at the link provided below to attend.

Though it would be helpful if you had a basic understanding of software, you do not need to be familiar with code to benefit from the training. The courses are entirely free of code, except for the third webinar.

The people that will benefit most, but it is not an inclusive list:

    • Executive and Assistant Directors
    • CFO, CIOs
    • Operational Executives and Managers
    • System Administrators
    • The consultant that needs or wants to understand software improvement
    • Anyone that wants to talk to software developers and IT Services at a more in-depth level

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Instructor: Jenny Kirti Dunham is the co-founder and lead developer at a full-service creative agency that believes in long-term relationships and ongoing creative support to improve your business goals continuously. They have a proven track record of delivering amazing clients’ results and always looking for ways to help you grow. As a client, needs are always prioritized over projects that come in the door, which means requests are handled more quickly and with a higher level of service.