Unlocking Your Transformative Potential eCourse

A life-changing process that will change the way you build collaborative enterprises and teams.

ATLANTA – Aug. 10, 2021 — This course will help you develop the mindset, and equip you with the toolset and skillset necessary to begin unlocking your transformative potential. You will be guided in the process of developing a Transformation Blueprint and getting “on the court” to make it happen.

The best way to unlock your transformative potential is to do so in the course of accomplishing something that matters to you. Instructor Amir Ghannad says, “In this course, I will coach you on the fundamentals of the mindset, toolsets, and skillsets necessary to unlock your transformative potential. I will guide you in choosing a priority that is important to you and develop a Transformation Blueprint and get in action to make it happen. I am confident that as you unlock your transformative potential, it will not only make a difference in the specific transformation you choose to go after, but it will make a positive impact in all other aspects of your life.”
Unlock You Potential
You should take this course:

  • If you feel inadequate handling current challenges or obstacles
  • If you need a framework that focuses on taking action
  • If you are leading a transformation and struggling to generate the momentum you need
  • If you wonder how to make big or small transformations a reality in your company

The Ghannad Group has made this course available for the first time online so that you can complete it at your own pace and with lifetime access. The ecourse is divided into five different segments:

  1. The Transformation Blueprint
  2. The Power of Unconditional Commitment
  3. Being your Best Self On Command
  4. The Crucial Power of our Conversations
  5. The Power of Momentum

In Amir Ghannad’s decades of delivering personal transformation training to the leaders of companies such as Mastercard, CONAGRA, Revlon, Campbell’s, and many others, he discovered that the most effective path to sustainable personal transformation is through a bold declaration to transform the results and experiences of others. Unlocking Your Transformative Potential can be life-changing in the way you build collaborative enterprises and teams.

If you would like to learn more about the Unlocking Your Transformative Potential eCourse, please visit Unlocking Your Transformative Potential (https://transformativepotential.com).