Thinking Process and System Thinking in Management eBook

This is a transcription of a podcast with Bill Dettmer, Senior Partner of Goal Systems International. Bill is the author of The Logical Thinking Process: A Systems Approach to Complex Problem Solving ) and Strategic Navigation: A Systems Approach to Business Strategy, two books around which Goal Systems International’s internationally renowned Thinking Process Course is based. An excerpt form the book.

Joe:  One of the things that ? and this is going to be my Six Sigma side coming out. Don’t you have to support all this with data? You can’t be intuitive about everything because sometimes just the outward appearance of something lies to you if you don’t have the supporting data.

Bill:  Yes, you’re absolutely right. Where does the data become most important? The data is most important in the identification of the problem. It’s not in the creation of the solution because that’s a projection of what should happen in the future. It’s not in the establishment of the goal and the necessary conditions because those are value judgments. But, when you start to analyze what the problem is, in other words when you’re building the current reality tree, that’s where data become really important. One of the key lessons I try to convey in my thinking process courses is the most critical of all of the categories of legitimate reservation is entity existence.

Systemizing your Approach to Management with Bill Dettmer

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Thinking Process and System Thinking in Management eBook