Systemizing your approach to management, Podcast with Bill Dettmer

My guest on the Business901 podcast was Bill Dettmer Senior Partner of Goal Systems International.Dettmer-Image

Bill is one of the most recognized expert in the Theory of Constraints field and more specifically the Logical Thinking Process. He has Eight years graduate level teaching of systems management, systems analysis, human factors, management control systems, organizational behavior and development, Theory of Constraints, Total Quality Management, and management of research, development, testing, and evaluation. More importantly, he brings a level of experience to these subjects that few in the world are able too.

His simple recommendation of one book on the practice of utilizing a systems approach to management immersed me into over 12 hours of reading, research and learning. I have not been that captivated in a particular subject for quite awhile. I hope you enjoy the podcast as much as I did hosting it..  

William (Bill) Dettmer is the author of  The Logical Thinking Process: A Systems Approach to Complex Problem Solving ) and Strategic Navigation: A Systems Approach to Business Strategy , two books around which Goal Systems International’s internationally renowned Thinking Process Course is based; Brainpower Networking Using the Crawford Slip Method . Co-author (with Eli Schragenheim and Wayne Patterson) of Manufacturing at Warp Speed: Optimizing Supply Chain Financial Performance (The CRC Press Series on Constraints Management) and Supply Chain Management at Warp Speed: Integrating the System from End to End

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