Six Sigma Marketing Institute releases Customer Id Program

Customer Identification Program has been released by Six Sigma Marketing Institute and can be found at Customer Identification is the first step in the 5 Cs of Driving Market Share and identifies specific product/markets that offer an organization its best options for growth. The program enables an organization to evaluate product/markets using metrics such as current market share, market growth rate and competitive intensity to assess the best targets for the organization.

Listen to the audio description of the 5 Cs of Driving Market Share.

Customer Identification is just one module of the soon to be released 5 Cs of Driving Market Share Program. The Five Cs will give you excellent background knowledge on how to build an effective and efficient marketing data set based on customer value. Customer Value is the only true measure for Driving Market Share. This program is based on five components: Driving Market Share

  1. Customer Identification
  2. Customer Value
  3. Customer Acquisition
  4. Customer Retention
  5. Customer Monitoring

Though the best value is achieved in utilizing all five components, the programs are designed so that each module is completely self-supporting.

Six Sigma Marketing is a fact-based, disciplined approach for growing market share in targeted product/markets by providing superior value. The Six Sigma Marketing Institute is dedicated to the advancement and deployment of Six Sigma Marketing. At the heart of SSM is a modified DMAIC process that provides the architecture for growing top line revenues and market share.

Dr. Eric Reidenbach is the Director of the Six Sigma Marketing Institute, the leading organizations and authority of Six Sigma Marketing. Dr. Reidenbach has developed a number of unique approaches for measuring and managing value, the best leading indicator of market share growth. His consulting services are absolutely unique. They are filled with proprietary measurement and management techniques designed to help you grow market share and top line revenues. Dr. Reidenbach is the author of over 20 books on marketing and market research.

Disclaimer: This is a shameless plug, as I was part of the development of this program..

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