Using Cynefin for a Lean Transformation

This talk integrates Dave Snowden’s Cynefin Framework with Gunderson and Holling’s Cycle of Adaptive Change. This adds the time dimension to Snowden’s Framework and adds a strategic knowledge dimension to the Cycle of Adaptive Change. This provides queues for knowledge and action during different kinds of transition, which provides a theory-driven evidence base for strategic action during times of dynamics uncertainty.

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Adapting the Cynefin Framework

I thought this was a good video on how to think and use the Cynefin Framework. As this year has went on, I am seeing more and more tangible adaption of the Cynefin Framework.

If you are involved in any type of transformation and more specifically a Lean Transformation think about how this applies to you. You start recognizing your need for Lean (Complicated) and applying Lean Tools (Simple). After that, you move to a Lean Transformation (Chaotic) and eventually the need for a Lean Culture (Complicated).

I think this video adds a great visual relationship for what is needed and the time that it may take to accomplish a Lean Transformation. It also highlights the expertise you may need in the process.

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