Creativity, Give Me a 5 Year Old!

In a recent blog post, A Teaching Resource for Design Thinking, I discussed the seven principles of Dr. Charles Burnette’s IDeSiGN. It is Design Thinking course he created for children. He freely shares this information on his website Dr. Burnette is my Tuesday podcast guest and I think you will find him entertaining and his thoughts on design quite interesting. IDeSign is an acronym for…

  1. I stands for intending
  2. D stands for Defining.
  3. e stands for Exploring
  4. S stands for Suggesting
  5. i stands for Innovating
  6. G stands for Goal getting
  7. N stands for kNowing

Since we are discussing teaching design to children, who knows more about this than the people at Lego. I  find the Lego Hero Factory a great resource for adding some playfulness to my day and the tools they have online are fantastic. I am always talking about storyboards, customer journey maps, etc. but what about a comic strip? I would like to challenge you to create a quick one. Just think of a a recent experience and create it. At the Lego Hero Factory they provide you with a Comic Builder. Try it, any 5 year old can do it!

The video below is to provide some inspiration for your comic journey.

P.S. I have an account at the Hero Factory. I do not believe there is an age limit.

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1 thought on “Creativity, Give Me a 5 Year Old!”

  1. Children are quick in grasping things particularly
    those that interest them. Learning designs is easy for 5 year olds as they have
    a lot of creative skills.

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