Why would you use Value Stream Mapping?

Value stream mapping is a tool that helps you to see and understand the flow of material and information as a product or service makes its way through the value stream. Value stream mapping is typically used in Lean, it differs from the process mapping of Six Sigma.

A value stream map will take into account not only the activity of the product, but the management and information systems that support the basic process. You will gain insight into the decision making flow in addition to the process flow. The basic idea is to first map your process, then above it map the information flow that enables the process to occur.

Val Stream.JPG

Why use Software for Value Stream Mapping? I think th euse of software that is written specifically for Value Stream Mapping is importnat. It forces you to make a decision to drill down into the subject as you are doing it versus later in the process. This particular tool is interesting because of the ability to Excel’s powerful scenarios to analyze multiple sets of numbers without needing to redraw an almost identical map over and over again. Take a look at some of the other features.

  1. Visually see your entire process flow using the language of Lean to learn to see and eliminate wastes
  2. Answer the question How can we make only what we need when we need it?
  3. Form a blueprint for Lean implementation to rally your team to eliminate wastes
  4. Instant on-line training for Lean concepts and techniques
  5. Easily customized written in Excel with all of its familiar formulas and charts
  6. Professional deliverables easily stored, emailed, and shared
  7. Drill down to swim lane flowcharts and other related documents
  8. Import Old comparison data with the click of a button
  9. Inexpensive to easily share & collaborate

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