A Lean Experts Guide to Blogging and Twitter

Yesterday, I posted a Podcast that I did with Mark Graban, Senior Fellow at the Lean Enterprise Institute.mark_graban_2008.jpg I enjoyed talking to Mark and at the end of the Podcast; we went off the subject matter and started a discussion on social media. I respect Mark’s work a great deal. He has created a very loyal following, not only on his blog but also on Twitter. He is one of the few people, when you step away from the early adapters and the giants such as Brogan, Jantsch and Godin, that has done that.

I encourage others to follow and watch how he engages his audience. You can listen to the discussion with the player below or on the Business901 Podcast. If you would like to follow Mark, he can be found at http://LeanBlog.org or on Twitter: @leanblog.

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