Could your Six Sigma Storyboard Compete?

A Six Sigma Storyboard provides a quick, visual summary of a team’s work. They are very well suited as presentation materials to highlight the work of the project, the improvements made and for executive overviews.  I think Six Sigma Storyboard presenters should take it up a notch. A DMAIC presentation can have a little Jazz to it. Take a look at what these 87 entries did with a simple Wallboard.

BTW: I am still looking for a couple of Six Sigma Storyboards that I could use for before and after examples. If you have one that you would like to work with me on, please contact me through the email icon on the top right of page.   

The Ultimate Wallboard contest ended last December but showed a great collection of wallboards. I have included the Sony Wallboard for no other reason except I vote it for best music. However, it is pretty awesome what they do with it. I encourage you to view all 87 entries as I think they are great collection of boards that you may generate an idea from. Many of them are just pictures so it does not take that long.   


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