Experimentation Growth Flywheel

Are you looking at growth through the right lenses? Or are you still operating in the Doom Loop? Is your disciplined actions focused on experimentation?

Experimentation Flywheel effect
Jim Collins has been talking about the Flywheel Effect for many years and most of us (should) know the intricacies behind the concept. Reviewing the recent book Experimentation Works, https://amzn.to/2EZ39ik, author Stefan Thomke reinforces this effect through Booking’s Growth Flywheel and his own 7 System Levers.

Expanding on just 3 of the 7 levers:
1. Scale: Number of experiments per week, months, or year
2. Scope: Extent to which an organization’s employees are involved in experiments
3. Speed: Time from formulating a hypothesis to completing an experiment

I have added Amazon’s Flywheel for comparison.

Amazon Flywhell