Properly Designed Marketing Experiments Seldom Are Failures

When you create a marketing experiment (campaign) do you provide the right structure to capture feedback?

Many times we just push our messages out without designing the needed structure to gather data or evidence. We just measure what is measurable. It is typically the fault of not developing a hypothesis or a focus question at the beginning.

Properly designed marketing experiments seldom are failures; they are learning events.

There will rarely be a single source of failure but many tiny acts and decisions along the way that eventually unearth the latent failures in your system. This is why it’s important to remember, that our work doesn’t only progress through time, it progresses through new information, understanding and knowledge. – From the article, Failure is a Matter of When by Barry O’Reilly Failure of Matter

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Excellent article to provide some basis for emergence. Though the article is not a marketing piece -it could have been. As you read through it focus on these 2 thoughts:
1. Marketing is not deterministic.
2. Marketing is an emergent process.

A past article of mine on LinkedIn: The Marketing Practice of Emergence:

Data-Driven Marketing is a Stupid Term. People still buy and as Dan Pink says, To Sell is Human.

When used and practiced in many companies we dehumanize the sales process putting it in the hands of mathematicians and data-scientists. Companies start thinking they can manufacture customers. One of the worst start-up practices is building unyielding processes and funnels without a single customer. When they finally get a customer, if they ever do, they start “iterating” often based on misleading data samples – Galls Law (see in comments)

The inspiration from this post is a result of a similar term used in the book, Innovate Inside the Box by Couros & Novak. Written for the education field they replace data with evidence having a chapter heading of Learner-Driven, Evidence-Informed. This way evidence can be compiled to include qualitative study such as behavioral interviewing.

That terminology has some merit for Sales & Marketing; Customer-Driven, Evidence-Informed.

P.S. I am not saying data is useless.