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What is the Lean Service Design Trilogy?  Wikipedia defines a trilogy is a set of three works of art that are connected, and that can be seen either as a single work or as three individual works. Lean, Service and Design are certainly works of their own and separate fields of practice. However, when connected, they can be extraordinarily powerful but more importantly simple to understand and implement. In the post, The Marriage in Lean Service Design, I discuss my thoughts of the three disciplines together. I also encourage viewing the introduction presentation a the top right of the page.

I have introduced an eLearning program, Lean Service Design Trilogy that is much different than the  Lean Service Design Workshop.  The Lean Service Design Workshop is part of the Lean Marketing Lab (you must be a member) and is not an eLearning program, rather a 90 day social learning program with live chat option and discussion available.Lean Service Design Trilogy

The Lean Service Design Trilogy program is outlined below.

Program Outline:

  1. Week 1: The 5 Lean Principles are discussed not in your typical Lean point of view of reducing waste. We view this as knowledge building exercise with continuous improvement through iterative cycles of learning.
  2. Week 2: Services are discussed in the concepts of gaps and how to recognize, measure and improve them as part of everyday work.
  3. Week 3: How do you innovative within the confines of every day work? Design Thinking concepts are introduced and blended with the other components.
  4. Week 4: Team Engagement and empowering people to put these concepts into practice. You’re the teacher now. How can you engage, implement and spread these ideas?

Time is spent on application and ways to apply Lean tools in a new context. We will not be attempting to teach you individual tools rather expose you to the use of tools through SDCA, PDCA, and EDCA and give you resources to dig deeper into a tool if needed. If you are not familiar with Lean as a discipline, I encourage membership in the Lean Marketing Lab to expose you to additional sources of information that you may need. If you are looking at how to apply Lean directly to Services or Design this is not the course for you. There are many excellent programs available. I will gladly recommend one for you. This is a course that is highly influenced by Service Design Thinking and Lean as the business process. We will use the Lean methods of SDCA, PDCA and EDCA as they relate to each discipline and the path between Service through SD-Logic (The Service-Dominant Logic of Marketing) to Design.

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How will you measure the success? Dr. James Womack (Jim is not an endorser of this program), originator of Lean Solutions: How Companies and Customers Can Create Value and Wealth Together and founder of the Lean Enterprise sums it up very well in this short clip.

 Making Services Profitable

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We encourage membership in the Lean Marketing Lab to expose you to additional sources of information but it is not required. Program starts on the following Monday after sign-up. If you sign up on weekend, program will start Monday of the following week (7 days later). Introductory workshop price is $149. Training is immediately applicable to your business.

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