Lean Thinking in the Office and Services

Drew Locher was my guest on the Business901 podcast and our conversation centered on applying Lean to the Office and Service sectors. Drew has been working to implement business strategies since 1986 and I am amazed at his ability to distinguish between novel ideas and ones that are just a horse of a different color. His recent workshop, Optimizing Flow in Office and Service Processes in Indianapolis hosted by the Lean Enterprise was filled to capacity and registration was closed weeks before the event.Drew Locher

Drew is currently Managing Director for Change Management Associates, Shingo Prize winning author and the first Business901 Podcast returning guest.  CMA is a consortium of individuals who share a similar business management and improvement vision. They are committed to seeing innovative strategies implemented in all business environments. The CMA approach is practical and application oriented – a ‘learn as you’re doing and succeeding’ approach.

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