Mindmap on Writing Well

Not all the time do I get the opportunity to create a Mindmap on an audio book but there have been a few special ones that I have. It usually occurs on the 2nd listen since I typically am listening to them while I am driving or walking the dog.  Well this one has been listened to more than a couple of times. As a result of the clip art, you can probably guess that the Mindmap has been around a while.

This particular book is a timeless classic and has been one of my favorite ones for many years. On Writing Well: The Classic Guide to Writing Nonfiction, first published in 1976, has sold almost 1.5 million copies to three generations of writers, editors, journalists, teachers and students. I recommend it to any inspiring writer or blogger.

Most of my writing and podcast are geared towards a learning experience for me. It may sound somewhat selfish but I have found that is the best way to immerse myself in a subject. Another of Zinsser’s books, Writing To Learn was the basic structure of how my blog and podcast has developed.

About: William Zinsser, a writer, editor, and teacher, is a fourth-generation New Yorker, born in 1922. His 18 books, which range in subject from music to baseball to American travel, include several widely read books about writing.

P.S. I own the hard copy of both books.

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