Statistics lend themselves to the Theory of Music

Statistics though, in my mind, lend themselves to the theory of music without the soul, scales and modes without feeling said my podcast guest, John Lawrence Woodall. He also furnished me the following quote:

Architecture can be said to be frozen music. – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

Our podcast, Can Studying Music help your Lean Enterprise? served as a nice change of pace for me on the way I think about Lean, Statistics and Flow. This is a transcription of the podcast.

I mention to John after the podcast that one of the best times I’ve ever had in my life is one night in Chicago I went into a bar rather late. It just happened to be where a group of musicians were all getting together after their work or their gig wherever they played. Some were in tuxes; some were in jeans, and they just came together and they started improvising around a piano. There was a horn, a guitar and the bar around the piano served as the drum set.  I listened for what seemed a short time, it was actually over 2 hours and heard some of the best music I’ve ever experienced.

John replied: I’ve had this where when I was traveling, several times had been traveling and I remember there was a Chinese guy and a Dutchman and an Italian woman, and another woman from like the Netherlands, or – she was probably Swedish or Finnish, something like that. Nobody spoke English except me. I spoke none of the other languages, and two of them could speak French. So, none of us had any idea about what anybody was saying. That said, we managed to sit down and write some beautiful music together and laugh. And these things are universal. You know when things go bad because you wrote something that’s bad, they all look at you like, that stunk, and you kind of look at them back, yep, sure did.

How would this relate to your latest Kaizen or mapping event?

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About Composers and Schools in Concert: CSIC is a nonprofit organization who partners with professional composers and youth music programs (grades 9-12) to offer innovative music education through composer workshops and commissions.

About John: A native of Berkeley California, composer John Lawrence Woodall began playing piano at age 5 and started writing music by age ten, During High School in Australia John attended the Academy of Guitar and the N.S.W. Conservatory of Music. John can be found at Powerof2Music.

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