Thinking Back from the Customer –Lean Summit 2011

Professor Daniel T Jones presents “Pushing the Frontiers: the next challenges for Lean Thinking” at the Lean Summit 2011. This video is an excellent demonstration of applications of Service Dominant Logic Thinking (Vargo and Lusch (2006). Wall Painting

Daniel Jones is a management thought leader and advisor on applying lean, process thinking to every type of business across the world. He is the founding Chairman of the Lean Enterprise Academy in the UK, dedicated to pushing forward the frontiers of lean thinking and helping others with its implementation. Dan is my guest on the Business901 podcast next week and this is an excerpt from the podcast., The Challenge of Lean with Dan Jones.

If you take this approach and view your product or service as an enabler of customer value a different world opens up for you. Companies like Tesco, Amazon, Apple and others not mentioned like John Deere, P & G, Crayola and Mar’s M & M’s have re-invented themselves by understanding value in use.

I love the mention of a Standardized Learning Cycle! Hmm! As I enjoy saying, there is not anything more important than the ability to learn from your customers at a faster rate than your competition!

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