The Process of Marketing Segmentation (Part 2 of 2)

Professor Malcolm McDonald has consulted to many major companies from the UK, Europe, USA, Far East, South-East Asia, Australia and Africa, in the areas of strategic marketing and marketing planning, market  segmentation, key account management, international marketing and marketing accountability. He has written over 40 books and was Professor of Marketing Continue reading

Estimating Your Sale Cycles

As most know, I think a few of the mapping methods used in the process fields are somewhat ludicrous when applied to sales and marketing. One of my favorites, of course, is Value Stream Mapping. It is, one of the applications that I see people try and try again to Continue reading

You can’t Segment a Market, a Market is There

Professor Malcolm McDonald, until recently was Professor of Marketing and Deputy Director, Cranfield University School of Management, with special responsibility for e-business, and is now an Emeritus Professor at the University as well as being an Honorary Professor at Warwick Business School. Coming from a background in business which included a Continue reading

If the Shoes Don’t Fit


Are you looking at variation the wrong way? In the Lean and Six Sigma world, we look at variation as something bad, something we need to rid ourselves of. That is the typical promise most process methodologies make to the sales and marketing people. We are going to streamline your Continue reading

Sales is a Messy Industry

Agile & Outcome Mapping

Our sales environment is changing. I believe that it can no longer be viewed from the sales and marketing funnels of the past. These funnels market to many and exclude people narrowing down to the ideal organization/person that eventually purchases. I believe we market toward opportunity and build funnels of Continue reading

Lean Frontier Webinars include What Sales Teaches the Lean Enterprise

Lean Frontiers offers FREE quarterly webinars aimed at enterprise-wide engagement. Leadership, Accounting, Sales, HR, Logistics, IT, R&D. Imagine if each of these business functions worked in unison in supporting lean as a business model. This March they are running a series of 30-minute webinars to include: You can register for Continue reading

7 Simple Steps to Improve Your Marketing

I wrote these steps several years ago. In Monday’s post, I will update these 7 steps to my current thinking. I wonder how much has to be changed. Any suggestions? Develop a Customer Persona. Remember, though the commonality does have to be centered around your product/service, you may find out Continue reading

The Cows Decide When It’s Milking Time

In a recent NY Times article, With Farm Robotics, the Cows Decide When It’s Milking Time, they discuss the attributes of a new technology that through robots and transponders cows get individualized services. The collection of data includes: The robots also monitor the amount and quality of milk produced, the Continue reading

CREATe a Simple Work Flow

Outside of blogging and podcasting, I do actually get a few real jobs that typically involve creating workflows to assist in managing and implement a change. This is done a variety of ways, and I take little credit for any success. I have followed John Kotter’s 8-Step Process for Change Continue reading