Lean Frontier Webinars include What Sales Teaches the Lean Enterprise

Lean Frontiers offers FREE quarterly webinars aimed at enterprise-wide engagement. Leadership, Accounting, Sales, HR, Logistics, IT, R&D. Imagine if each of these business functions worked in unison in supporting lean as a business model. This March they are running a series of 30-minute webinars to include: You can register for Continue reading

7 Simple Steps to Improve Your Marketing

I wrote these steps several years ago. In Monday’s post, I will update these 7 steps to my current thinking. I wonder how much has to be changed. Any suggestions? Develop a Customer Persona. Remember, though the commonality does have to be centered around your product/service, you may find out Continue reading

The Cows Decide When It’s Milking Time

In a recent NY Times article, With Farm Robotics, the Cows Decide When It’s Milking Time, they discuss the attributes of a new technology that through robots and transponders cows get individualized services. The collection of data includes: The robots also monitor the amount and quality of milk produced, the Continue reading

CREATe a Simple Work Flow

Outside of blogging and podcasting, I do actually get a few real jobs that typically involve creating workflows to assist in managing and implement a change. This is done a variety of ways, and I take little credit for any success. I have followed John Kotter’s 8-Step Process for Change Continue reading

Unlocking the Potential of Consumer Behavior

A serial entrepreneur having founded multiple start-up companies, including one of the first profitable Internet enterprises. Eric V. Holtzclaw is the Founder/CEO of Laddering Works, a marketing strategy firm. He has spent 20+ years creating opportunity by identifying and capitalizing on emerging trends and disruptions to business. His professional experience Continue reading

If We Build Collaborative Funnels, We get Collaborative Customers

‘What gets us into trouble is not what we don’t know. It’s what we know for sure that just ain’t so.’ – Mark Twain I think this famous quote by Mark Twain sums up my feelings about marketing funnels, sales funnels and pipelines and in whatever direction we may want Continue reading

A Lean approach to Outcome-Based Mapping

In the Outcome-Based Mapping approach, we view the outcomes as the central part of our theme. We recognize that a change of behavior must occur for us to achieve our goals or make the desired impact that wish to obtain. In traditional sales and marketing we can develop the simplest Continue reading

Value Stream Mapping should be left on the Shop Floor

Show a little respect for your customers and don’t use value stream mapping in the sales process. The problem is mapping becomes a prediction of what someone might do. We typically take that “prediction” and that “might” and turn them into a guide and should do. We end up trying Continue reading

Lean Sales and Marketing Workflow InfoGraphic

Lean Sales and Marketing is just not another extension of Lean into another area of business. If you think that way, you will be marred into product dominant thinking. You must recognize Lean as the pathway into  Service Dominant Logic Thinking (Vargo and Lusch (2006)). Lean is used as the Continue reading

The Ultimate Demand Creator: Lean Engagement Teams

The world has changed. No longer can we be selling like we thought of in the past. Now, it really takes a team effort. Our differentiation is less in the product/service we offer but more by the services and support that our organization delivers in the use of our product. Continue reading

Lean Marketing: 2 Step Marketing Funnel

You are either Selling or Marketing, that’s it! Why have we complicated all this with Customer Experience, Customer Relationship, Customer Development, Sales Management, Marketing Funnels and Sales Funnels? Or whatever your choice or flavor of the month you have.  Few of us even do a good job of attempting to Continue reading