Applying Lean to Sales & Marketing

The Business901 Blog is hosting an abridged version ( 7 parts) of our Leans Sales and Marketing online workshop. Each day, the blog post included a brief introduction, short video, workbook page and recommended reading. A complete outline is available at  Lean Sales and Marketing BlogShop

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An overview of the process: Lean Marketing House Infographic

Lean Sales and Marketing Blogshop 7 of 7: Applying Lean to Sales and Marketing

The popularity of Lean has seen it blossom into many fields. We now see it labeled as Lean Healthcare, Lean Services, Lean Product Development, Lean Construction and the list goes on. So there is not much new on this blog when I attach Lean to Sales and Marketing or what might be an easier stretch Lean Marketing. Most people in sales and marketing already have seen it coming. Lean manufacturing has worked well, and it has been successful in services and design, but in sales and marketing?

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The question you must ask yourself, if you are a sales and marketer is, why has it worked in so many varied disciplines? I am not going to elaborate, though I will say respect for people and continuous improvement are the drivers. Instead,  watch this 28-minute video and see if it answers any questions for you.


You cannot force-fit Lean into Sales and Marketing. If you view Lean as a waste reduction machine, I believe you will fail. However, when Lean is viewed as a knowledge creating machine it makes perfect sense and is a natural fit for today’s marketing. Ultimately, what will make Lean successful in sales and marketing, is the ability for Lean to increase your ability to co-create value with your customer. The video is just a small step in that direction.

This was  an abridged version of the 60-day program that is offered as part of the Lean Sales and Marketing Training at no additional charge when you purchase the Marketing with Lean Book Series.

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