Service Dominant Logic does it Apply

In researching Service Dominant Logic (S-D Logic), I found the concept not all that new. I found the catalyst for this interest was the publication of an article by Stephen Vargo and Robert Lusch in a 2004 edition of Journal of Marketing entitled “Evolving to a New Dominant Logic for Marketing and later their book,The Service-Dominant Logic of Marketing.

Digging deeper, I found  that Wroe Alderson (1898–1965) the most recognized marketing theorist of the twentieth century and the “father of modern marketing” started the ball rolling when he redefined the value-in-use concept as an alternative to the dominant value exchange theory. He actually traced it back through the ideas of Aristotle, Thomas Aquinas and a variety of 17th, 18th and 19th century economists. In other words, it has been around a while.

Updating my thinking of SD-Logic marketing concept to present day, I came across this presentation by Wim Rampen, the Managing Consultant at Contact Center Intelligence and Wim can be found at:

Service Logic – a new Dominant Logic for Social Customer Relationship Marketing

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I think his “7 Jobs of Marketing” are spot on and a nice addition to the thoughts of Lean Marketing and Design Thinking. It is the involvement of the customer and being in the marketplace where your customers are using your product, fundamental Lean Thinking.. The point so often missed by most marketers today. If your marketing and your relationships (sales) are being created in your customers’s arena, value is attached to them.

Tired of only 50% of your marketing working? Deliver value in the arena your customer lives in!

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2 thoughts on “Service Dominant Logic does it Apply”

  1. I have to admit I’ve watched the first 20 slides and stopped.u00a0 I’d like the distinction between product and service.u00a0 My deep interest in marketing a new product without media assistance is, how to make a user Immediate Realize some Value and dig further for more Value, and that would be Engagement 101.u00a0 Thanks, Joe.

  2. Ahh, if you stopped at 20 we must have failed at engagement101…thanks for taking the time to comment and to watch as much as you did. nnThe point I was trying to get acrossu00a0more so than just the slideshow was the marketing in the customer’s playground.

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