Service Design Thinking

I recently finished the book, This is Service Design Thinking: Basics – Tools – Cases and I found it to be the best reference manual so far on this contemporary approach for service innovation. I thought they did an excellent job of documenting the latest material on the methodology. If I had one complaint, I found it difficult to get any continuity to the reading of the material. I attribute this to the the number of contributors they had for the book: 23 different international authors.

Below is the video on the book:

This is Service Design Thinking introduces an inter-disciplinary approach to designing services. Service design is a bit of a buzzword these days and has gained a lot of interest from various fields. This book, assembled to describe and illustrate the emerging field of service design, was brought together using exactly the same co-creative and user-centred approaches you can read and learn about inside. The boundaries between products and services are blurring and it is time for a different way of thinking: this is service design thinking.

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