Is your Supply Chain practicing ASR?

This a transcription of the Business901 podcast that featured Carol Ptak. She is first and foremost a thought leader. You will find in the transcription that Carol has an extensive background in Supply Chain and Management. It was one of my most informative podcasts full of fresh ideas, examples and usable material. Even though it centered around Supply Chain most of the principles can easily be applied in other areas such as operations and even marketing.

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She co-authored a chapter with Chad Smith in the Theory of Constraints Handbook and has authored and co-authored books such as Necessary but Not Sufficient: A Theory of Constraints Business Novel, The Quantum Leap: Next Generation and several others. She has been asked by McGraw-Hill and presently updating Orlicky’s Material Requirements Planning.

You can also purchase just this chapter: Integrated Supply Chain (Chapter 12 of Theory of Constraints Handbook).

ASR Website:

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